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Woman eternal support worker visiting with one of our women and her newborn in her home, to deliver supplies and also to do welfare check. We need more funds to be able to assist more vulnerable women and babies living in absolute poverty, access healthy and safe pre/post-natal care. 


Thank you for being interested in what we do.

Since 2020, Woman Eternal has been supporting vulnerable pregnant women and newborns living in adverse poverty in Kenya.

We collaborate with local community networks and encourage individual participation, as an approach to achieve better and long-term positive outcomes for women accessing our programs and services at our DROP-IN-CENTER.

Humility - We perform our work with respect and dignity.


Generosity & Community – We value the principles of giving and community.

Responsibility- We uphold collective and individual responsibility and accountability.

Friendship- We value friendships and partnerships that align with WE aims and vision.

WE Values

WE Vision

To restore dignity and elevate hope to every vulnerable pregnant woman reaching out for our support.

Woman Eternal Lea Mama Drop-in-center in Kenya.

Vulnerable pregnant women have access to the center and our community outreach pre- and post natal support.




ETERNAL TEN-  Be part of the 10 donors supporting 10 vulnerable pregnant women for a period of 10 months .

Dotted Background

  • Access to prescription medication 

  • Access to gestational scans and tests 

  • Access to pre and post-natal supplies

  • Transportation to hospital appointments

  • Groceries and Meals that meet their nutritional needs

  • Access to clean water and sanitation essentials

  • Assistance with other unforeseen issues and emergencies



Please help us purchase an outreach vehicle that will, 

- assist our women commute to hospital appointments.

- go home after childbirth, in a safe and dignified manner.

- the vehicle will also enable us delivery much needed items such as beddings..

Thank You.

Lea Mama Communnity


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Melbourne, Australia

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We are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For -Profit Commission (ACNC).

ABN 6364 4559 633              ACN 644 559 633

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